Weekender Pill ng Tongfeng exclaimed, he knows Weekender Pill that Sun Jianfang is extremely appreciative of Ling Han, therefore, it is not unbelievable Weekender Pill to give an ancient secret treasure.Zheng Tongfeng has made a slap in the heart, he must get jade seeds from Ling Han, otherwise he can t pass the hurdle in front of him, and Ling Han seems to have another kind of thing, which makes him feel excited.His eyes are red, although he is a man of martial arts, but he is only twenty years old, even the beast has not killed a few, and now directly upgraded to kill, let him bloody, some faint.Dead He attacked Weekender Pill the sword, but did not attack Weekender Pill from Weekender Pill the front, but launched a figure, around Weekender Pill the cold.He believes that this secret treasure only enhances the power of Ling Han, but the reaction and speed can not keep up.Therefore, as long as he turns around a few laps in the cold, he will surely make Ling Han panic, thus revealing the flaws Browse the reading address Chapter 3111 Excitement It s like walking a dog to kill a buffalo.When it comes to being hard headed, the Weekender Pill hyena must be killed by the buffalo in an ins

tant. He is full of confidence, Weekender Pill Ling Han is the buffalo, and he is a dog, as long as he is caught by Weekender Pill the opportunity, that blow will have a cold life. Only when he moved, he was horrified to find that the speed of Ling Han was not weaker than him. What secret treasures can make people Weekender Pill s strength and speed change qualitatively Hey, in the fight, Zheng Tongfeng has a feeling of seeing ghosts. Is the other party really a behind the counter male enhancement drugs pulse increase amount of cum Weekender Pill The feeling for him is completely Weekender Pill five veins, too strong. He was completely suppressed, not to mention the bombing of the male enhancement side effects revie gold pills cold, and if he had to fight, he must caverject male enhancement have lost male ejaculate enhancer his life. He said in his heart that as soon as he turned around, he would flee back to the sect. Then tell me, Weekender Pill who told you to take me to the casino Zheng Tongfeng had a meal, he did not dare to sell Li Changdan, otherwise, his end will not be good. Although Zheng Tongfeng is a four pulse, the strength is as high as three thousand kilograms, but there is not much difference between him and ordinary people. Zheng Tongfeng turned his head and looked at Ling Han, then slowly Weekender Pill closed his

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eyes, dropped his head and swallowed his last breath.Ling Han really does not care who is behind him, such a person will certainly jump out, as long as he has Weekender Pill enough strength, then come to kill one, why care about who Jumping the clown.He pulled back his sword and thought about it, dragging Zheng Tongfeng into the woods in Weekender Pill the distance.In this way, Zheng Tongfeng s body may take months or years to be discovered, and even stay there Weekender Pill forever.If you change another person, you may have to soften your hands at this time.You can kill the desolation in this cold, and the genius of the killing genius is counted, but will you put it in your heart People don t commit me, I don t commit crimes, if anyone commits a crime, ten times more.This is the principle of Ling Han, and he has always been a principled person.What kind of lucky value and affinity should be violent, why is it still trouble Ling Han grabbed his head and Weekender Pill looked Weekender Pill a little depressed.Does my hatred aura be the strongest attribute, overwhelming It can only be explained this way.Ling Han returned to his place

of residence, called the snow, and then handed out three medicinal herbs Take it. What, is Weekender Pill this a pulse Although she is not a martial artist, she grew up in the best brain supplement ancient Taoist dynasty. This thing is expensive, especially the maiden dan, more valuable than the pulse of the Weekender Pill Weekender Pill fruit, more than a hundred male enhancement safe jade seeds, and a jade seed i need to make my dick bigger can Weekender Pill buy Weekender Pill her this person. Ling Han actually sent three, can this not let him stupid Less, Weekender Pill young master, me, me, you, you For a long male enhancement surgery pics time, she only returned to the soul, but still stuttered. After you practice, you will take a medicinal Weekender Pill medicine and start practicing boxing when the sun rises in the early morning. What is the most important thing in such a dhea for male enhancement troubled world strength She didn t know if she could step into the martial arts, but at le